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December 2017


Happy Holidays from the Garden Time crew! We hope you all have a memorable holiday and a great new year!

We are trying to get everything done for the upcoming holiday and it will be pulling us away from the computer for the next couple of weeks. We hope that you have finished your holiday shopping. If not, consider a visit to a local garden retailer. We have been stopping by various clients and it is amazing to see what is available at the garden centers. We saw some great discounts too! Everywhere we looked there were lots of last minute gifts.

If you were thinking of gifting the Garden Time tour to London, Paris and Belgium in August, remember to sign up before the end of the year to save up to $300 per person. Watch the story we did and then go to our tour page to get the details!

Before you head out to do your Christmas shopping, check out this week’s popular stories!

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In addition to the above episode, here are some of our favorite holiday stories for you to enjoy...

Fall and Winter Succulents

Fall and Winter Succulents

Most plants love the Northwest and that includes some of the desert succulents. You may think they like the drier and warmer conditions of the desert but Burl Mostel of Rare Plant Research showed us a bunch of plants that can handle the cold and wet of our area. Some of the plants that he liked were agaves, aeoniums and echeverias. The types and varieties that he included were some Agaves (parryii, variegata, filifera, and geminiflora), a couple aeoniums (Salad Bowl and Swartkopt) and an echeveria hybrid. Some of these take a little protection and most like quick drainage, which means they want the water to drain fairly quickly. If you are interested in trying some of these plants you can check at your garden center or you can drop Burl an e-mail to get one or two.

Holiday Heritage Plants

Holiday Heritage Plants

Ever wonder why we use holly in our holiday decorating? What is the story behind kissing under the mistletoe? William and Judy covered the reasons why we use specific plants during the holidays. Holly’s origins are based on both Christian and non-Christian traditions. In one tradition, the holly protects the home from evil spirits. In another, the holly represents the crown of thorns of Christ’s passion and its berries represent the drops of blood. Ivy is a very misunderstood plant. We sometimes see it growing all over trees, almost smothering them. In the Middle Ages ivy meant prosperity, and if it died financial hard times were soon to follow. Mistletoe has a longer history. It has various meanings that include fertility, immortality and love. Of course the best meaning involved kissing. In proper English society you could not kiss your spouse-to-be in public. During the holidays you could kiss under the mistletoe, but you had to remove a white berry every time you did. Naturally, twigs with lots of berries were highly prized! So next time you are decorating your home, take some time and learn some of the meanings.

Sealing Greens


Sealing Greens

The smell of fresh greens in the home during the holidays is intoxicating! But after a few days those fresh cut greens can become ‘dried’ cut greens and a fire hazard. We found a product that can help seal in the moisture and prevent those greens from drying out. Wilt Stop from Bonide can be sprayed on your greens to seal in the moisture and help them last longer. It can also be used on your outdoor conifers to seal in the moisture and help prevent winter wind and cold damage. We found this product at Cornell Farm (503-292-9895) but this product is available at most of your independent garden centers.

Garden Time European Tour

Garden Time European Tour

It is tour time again! Actually it is about a year away. Garden Time is announcing their next tour and we’re giving people a year to prepare. In August of 2018, we will be going to London, Paris and Belgium! We are leaving on the 5th of August and returning on the 18th; prime garden time! We start in London with a stop at Hampton Court Palace, a royal garden of Henry the VIII. The next day we travel to another historical garden, Kew. This garden is huge and so we are going to devote an entire day here. They have huge glass houses and even a former royal residence. The producers have been here and were in awe of the plant material! The next day we will travel to County Kent, the garden center of England. There we will tour the gardens at Great Dixter and Sissinghurst. The 4th day is a free day to explore London on your own. Day 5 takes us to Paris and our hotel is right next door to the Eiffel tower! When we arrive we take a tour of Paris which ends at Notre Dame Cathedral. Day 6 we are touring Rodin’s sculpture garden. This garden is equal parts of sculpture and plants. Or you can take the train and head to Versaille! The 7th day we travel to Monet’s garden at Giverny. Here we tour the gardens that were an inspiration for his ‘water lilies’ series of painting. The next morning we tour the Musee de L’Orangerie, which houses a huge display of Monet’s work. The afternoon you can explore Paris! Day 9 takes us to the Champagne region, where we enjoy a glass or two of the bubbly. Then we are off to Belgium. We start our first full day in Belgium at the Annevoie Castle and it’s world famous water gardens, a one of a kind garden in Belgium. From there we travel to the Citadel of Namur. Originally built in the Roman era, it is now classified as a Belgium Major Heritage site. We enjoy lunch at the beautiful Château de Namur and stroll it’s wonderful rose garden. We end our day at the enchanting Château Bon Baron vineyard for a tour and tasting of their fine wines.

Our second day in Belgium’s Wallonia region starts with a short river cruise by the picturesque town of Dinant. We then travel to the Lavaux-Sainte-Anne Castle and tour the castle and wetlands garden. We enjoy lunch in the charming Belgium countryside, then pay a visit to the garden and house at Le Sous-Bois. We end our day at the Caracole Brewery. This small artisanal brewery, originally established in 1766, still uses a wood fired oven to warm the water for brewing. It is a hands-on brewery with bottling and labelling of its 5 different beers still done manually. Then we head to our final stop Brussels. There we will visit the world famous Floral Carpet. This begonia display covers 2 whole blocks in the center of the city and is only done every two years! We end our tour with a nighttime display of fireworks over the carpet of bloom!
This 13 day tour includes 24 of your meals and also includes your airfare and hotels. It would cost around $10,000 per person if you traveled with another garden group, but our tour is under $7,000, and if you book now you can save an additional $300! We just received a brochure for another European garden tour that is only 9 days and costs as much as ours! Our tour is a great deal!

If you have traveled with the Garden Time crew before, you know that it is a great time with the rewards of laughter and friendships included. You will remember this trip for years to come!! Check out the link on our website for all the details, www.gardentime.tv/tours.

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