Episode 485 • August 4, 2018


The heat is gone! For now! As we enter the first week of August we are finally getting a little break in the weather, but already the long term forecasts are bumping up the temperatures again. Still, we can enjoy these few cooler days while they last.

The Garden Time crew is also leaving this week for our garden tour to Europe. If you couldn’t make the trip we will be sharing pictures on our Facebook page while we tour. Keep track of our trip there and make plans to go to these great gardens on your own someday.

This week we featured...

Oregon Garden - Art in the Garden

Hughes Lotus Bowl

The Oregon Garden (503-874-8100) in Silverton is a showcase garden any time of year, but this summer it has so much more to offer. This year, once again, they are featuring ‘Art in the Garden’ an event that runs through the end of September. Art in the Garden features dozens of stunning art installations in the Garden featuring pieces from 7 artists. All pieces are available for sale. Allie told us about some of these great pieces that are made from wood, glass and metal. The Art in the Garden event is included in your normal admission and all you have to do is ask for a map when you come to the garden.

Allie also told us about the great ‘Movies in the Garden’ as well. This series of films are shown in the garden every Thursday and some of the remaining films that they will be showing include ET, Karate Kid and Ice Age. Catch one of these great films before they wrap up on the 30th of August.

Fuchsia Event and Summer Tips

Hughes Lotus Bowl

The heat is on and for most of your garden plants it has been brutal! Fuchsias love the heat, but they are not immune to the ravages of summer. Sue Randall from the Oregon Fuchsia Society joined us at Portland Nursery on Stark (503-231- 5050) to give us some tips on summer care for your fuchsias. Right now you should be looking at watering! Give your fuchsias the water they need, especially if they are in baskets. A quick way to check to see it they need a drink is to lift up on the pot. If it is light, give it a drink. To help the plant cool down you can take your hanging basket down and place it on an upside down bucket and water the plant and the ground around it. This will help cool the plant down and recover. If you find the leaves are still curling, it may be from the heat and not a lack of water. Give the foliage a good misting to help the plant cool down.

If you are a lover of fuchsias and want to get more of your questions answered, then you need to stop by Portland Nursery on Stark next weekend for the big annual Fuchsia Society Show. Member plants will be judged on Friday and then those award winning plants will be showcased through the weekend. If you become a new member during this event you will get a new fuchsia plant! Stop by and check it out or go to the Fuchsia Society webpage for more details.

Castle Rock Flowers

Hughes Lotus Bowl

Did you know we had an award winning ‘Flower’ town in our area? Castle Rock, Washington has been a winner for the past 2 years in the ‘America in Bloom’ competition for their city size. The America in Bloom program is a national program that promotes beautification and improving quality of life through plantings and urban improvement. This improvement is evident in Castle Rock by the increased participation of businesses and residents. You can’t help but marvel at the beautiful floral displays around town and how the community is so clean. This helps everyone thrive. To hear how that has improved one business we stopped by Pollen Floral Works and talked to Jason. Jason and his husband returned to Castle Rock after having grown up in the city. He told us how the community is even more welcoming than before and how the civic pride has helped businesses like his grow!

We then met up with Nancy Chennault, the organizer behind the volunteer group that helps plant and maintain all the displays. She pointed out that this program has brought more and more volunteers to the city as the program has grown and how the national recognition has really energized the city! She also told us about the selection of Castle Rock as a Proven Winners Signature City, the first one of its kind, has added even more to the excitement.

If you would like to see this wonderful city, just journey up I-5 and look for the signs. If you want to learn more about getting involved or some of the other great events in the area check out their Facebook page at

Navigating the Garden Time Website

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Every week we tell people to go to the website for more information, but in this story we decided to take you on a tour of the page to show you what you can find. We start with our flower mascot ‘Mortimer’ on the front page. There are 6 petals to his flower and each is a link to a helpful page. A couple of these links include the ‘Plant Pick of the Week’, a listing of our sponsors (who help bring you the show each week), and our archive. This archive covers all the stories we have done over the last decade. Looking for a past episode or subject? Just type it in the search box in the upper right corner and hit enter. All the stories we have done on that subject will be listed. Another petal link from the front page is our How-to section. This covers and has links to lots of helpful gardening topics.

The most important link on the front page is the ‘This Week’ link. Click on this and you will get the most current information for that week. This page has all the current stories for you to read and watch again. Click on the video link to see the stories and read the content for links to the businesses and their phone numbers. You will also find links to recipes when we showcase those. If you want to watch the entire show over again, you can find that link right under the picture of William and Judy.

We also have ways you can win prizes too! Back on the front page you will see the Garden Time Subaru from Capitol Subaru. Just click on that and you will see a photo of our ‘flower car’. Make a correct guess on its location and you’ll have a chance to win a $25 gift card to a local nursery!

The bottom of the page has links to our magazine (see past issues), our GardenPalooza event and other great information. One link will show you stations and times for various cities if you are looking to find our show in your local area. We also have one of the most comprehensive events calendars in the state. We also have a link to our ‘tours’ page. Here you can find information on all our past tours and how you can join us for upcoming tours.

Two more links on the front page include our store where you can buy hats, t-shirts, backpacks and even Garden Time flowers! We also have our little mailbox so you can send us a note or get in contact with us.

So you can see, the Garden Time website is full of great information and all you have to do is ‘click’! What a great way to keep in touch with the Garden Time crew any time of year!

Smith Grilled Figs

Hughes Lotus Bowl

Figs are ripe and oh so sweet! What makes them better is to prepare them on the grill! We stopped by Smith Berry Barn (503-628-2172) to get a quick and simple recipe from owners, Joelle and Rich. Joelle started by showing us the figs they picked up at their store. The best tasting ones are a little over ripe, but she decided to use the barely ripe ones because they held up better on the grill. After cutting them in half, she put olive oil on the outside skins. Joelle than sprinkled feta cheese on the open face of the figs and, using her special scissors, cut small sprigs of rosemary over the cheese. Then Rich moved them on to the grill. Over medium heat he grilled them until they were lightly brown on the outside skins. They then removed the figs from the grill and Joelle then drizzled honey and pink Himalayan sea salt over the top. It was incredibly delicious! You can find all the ingredients at Smith Berry Barn, except for the grill! Give it a try and soon you will be grilling figs all the time.

Prison Garden Design

Hughes Lotus Bowl

There is something ‘freeing’ about walking in a garden and we heard of a new garden where that meaning is taking on even more meaning. We stopped by the offices of Kurisu International and talked to Hoichi Kurisu, the internationally known designer of Japanese Gardens, to learn about his new project at the Oregon State Penitentiary. OSP is the states only maximum security prison located in Salem. A group of inmates there from the Asian Pacific Family Club decided they wanted to try and build a Japanese Garden on the grounds of the prison. They began working with the Veterans Memorial club which had successfully built a monument on the grounds. They asked Hoichi for help and soon the ball was rolling. Plans have been drawn up and ground breaking will start soon.

Hoichi has been behind some of the best Japanese Gardens in our area, in fact we have shared stories on his gardens in Lebanon, Oregon. He views this garden a bit differently because of who he is working with. The freedom that this garden represents to the inmates, staff and their guests is truly inspirational. He believes this garden is freeing even in the design and construction phase for the participants. This garden will be as much of a healing and memorial garden as it will be a Japanese Garden. If you would like to find out more and possibly donate to the construction and upkeep you can check out their website at


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